Sing Karaoke with a Karaoke Machine

What is a Karaoke Machine ? How do they work

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A karaoke Machine   is similar to CD player, the difference is a karaoke machine reads special karaoke discs known as CD+G. The ā€œ+Gā€ is added graphics on the CD, these graphics are the words that are produced on the TV. A karaoke Machine   has an video output that connects to the TV.  Most karaoke players these days also play MP3+G format, this is a compressed version of a karaoke disc and many hundreds or thousands of songs can be called up instantly instead of loading individual karaoke discs which can be time consuming for the user 

Karaoke Machine Connections An AV Lead Red White and Yellow connect to the rear of a karaoke machine/player and connects to the TV.  Words are displayed on the TV Screen together with sound.   Audio connections can be taken to external speakers for a bigger sound.  TV's these days have very small speakers, so we would recommend using another sound source for the music.

Some karaoke Machines and players have a HDMI socket, these can be connected to the TVs

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