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We're proud of our 32 years of trading, We probably go over the top with customer service and some of the lengths we go to provide customer service is beyond logic, but our philosophy really is customer is King. .

Our key UK partners:  Selectatrack, Session Music (Ian Gary and Jack) Joe at Zoom, Pete & Stella at Proel, Sean at AVSL, Andrew and Chris at W Audio, Roger at Yamaha,  you're all amazing.  You've made our goal possible to offer our friends "our customers" such amazing additional supporting products with sustainable and reliable service.   

No cheap Chinese imports, on the main we choose UK distributors for supporting products. One quick phone call from me usually sorts warranty issues. 

East Midlands up North and a bit below  that's us we're  very friendly & down to earth  Telephone  0115 9753000

Visit us in Nottingham, no problem, excuse the chaos as we build and design players here , catch us right and you can see your own Starsinger being built.  You're very welcome to pop in, its usual for visitors to bring flowers and chocolates and in return you probably leave without paying for stuff, but most of the time we know about it  . . . . . 

London Area give our partners Session Music in Guildford a call, they're lovely :) Telephone 01483 811137.  if its technical ask for Steve. Software or Music ask for Gary or Jack, or for a long chat about life  its Ian. (Incredibly  Ian is even older than Gill)





 We're located in the centre of England with easy access just off the M1

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