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600 ohm mics bring ultimate clarity for cabled microphones, wireless systems give you the freedom to move around. from beginner to professional cutting edge systems you will find them all on this page

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We're very particular about products on this website they must perform exceptionally well and offer amazing value for money

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DM11 Dynamic Childrens Microphone

Great Gift Idea

Dynamic Microphone Pink supplied with cable

Chord DM2 DM Series Dynamic Male or Female Vocal Microphone

Perfect for Vocals

QTX DM15 Male Vocalist Microphone

DM12 Vocalist Microphone for Karaoke Machines

Brilliant Vocals

DM18 Vocalist Microphone Suitable for Male and Female Vocalists


Citronic DCM3II Live - Recording & Performance Vocalist Microphone

QTX Twin VHF Wireless Microphones


High Performance Dual VHF Wireless (W-Audio

Lavalier Tie-clip Microphones for Wireless Systems

Neckband Microphones for Wireless Systems

NJS VHF Handheld Radio Microphone System With Crystal Effect

VHF Or UHF Neckband Mic + Beltpack

Heavy Base Microphone Stand with Mic Holder

Karaoke Mixer Kit for DVD Players, tablets Phones or laptop

Standard VHF Replacement Microphone

New low price

Microphone Stand Kit with Mic and Bag

Replacement wireless mics for Busker, Quest & PAL Portable PA units

Microphone Music Stand Mount for Ipad

Pair of Starsinger 705 Karaoke Microphones free Mic Stand Clips

VH45B Handheld Compact VHF Wireless System

Set Of 3 Dynamic Microphones in flight case

Beltpack Transmitters for NU1 and NU2 Systems

Handheld Transmitters for NU1 & NU2 Systems

UHF Belt Pack Transmitter

VHN2 Handheld & Neckband VHF Wireless System

High Gloss Chrome Retro Microphone with cable

This item comes back in stock in June

Warrior Audio Quad Microphone System Out of Stock

16 Channel UHF Handheld Microphone Transmitter

Best Seller

Novopro Twin VHF Wireless Microphone (Order Code Novopro)


NU2 DUAL UHF Twin UHF Microphone System

Behringer Ultralink ULM202USB Wireless System

Tuneable Dual UHF Handheld Microphone System

UHF In Ear Monitoring

16 Channel UHF In-ear Monitoring System

Universal Tablet Grip

Great Price

Spring Clip Mic Holder

Spring Clip Mic Holder

Mic Holder for Wireless Microphone


Pack of 5 Coloured Foam Mic Windshields

Pack of 5 Black Foam Mic Windshields

Retro Microphone Stand Kit

Desktop Microphone Stand

New low price

Microphone Stand Kit with Mic and Bag

Microphone Boom Arm Stand with Mic Holder

Heavy Base Microphone Stand with Mic Holder

Speaker Stand Kit