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Thanks for stopping by and reading this  Over the years I've made a lot of friends with customers and what's great is I'm now seeing the grand children of my original customers buying stuff,  Awesome  !   Take a look at some of our well known customers its facinating reading    Thank you all for your continued support  Gill


Theo Paphitis  was looking for a karaoke set-up for his family.  Researching the original order we made a few tweaks and supplied our Starsinger MFK Package with Wireless microphones and a huge selection of music

Barclay Family  Family founders of Barclays Bank.  Ordered our 888m package which was delivered to their own island  off the coast of Sark one of the smallest Channel Islands

easyJet  Needed a large system for their staff party.   They bought our 888m system which was a huge success.    I just wanted to express my appreciation at the service you provided us a easyJet, the person we spoke with was knowledgable and clear.
Steve Evans, Internal Communications easyJet Airline.Co ltd

India Knight

Journalist for The Times and TV Presenter wrote about us in her book The Shops  wrote about the karaoke page 135 "for karaoke you really need
a specialist shop to buy a proper karaoke machine, everything the high street
sells is crap, have a look at emkaraoke, from where I got my machine.
Great advice over the phone  

The book led to further  sales from readers including Earl Spencer of Althorpe.

Tom Hartley

Recently added a home theatre system to his house.  When I say a home theatre we're talking of a £750,000 installation.  Tom based in Overseal has a personal collection of over Ten Million Pounds worth of exotic cars in his garage.  TBH I was more interested in the cars than the karaoke LOL.  They're lovely people who also play hard/ When it came to purchasing a karaoke system they chose emkaraoke purely on recommendation.  Their expectations were high and we succeeded  


The Prop Store have made several purchases and the most broadcast well known  Our famous Club Pack 8 at The Queen Vic in Eastenders makes a frequent appearance on TV.   

Help with your next system

If you're not sure what system to get?, we have online chat on this page where you can discuss your requirements.   By finding out how you want to use your system we can make recommendations.  In July 2018 we have  recommended lower priced systems to  471 customers so far.  Karaoke is not about price its the suitability for your exact needs and purpose.    Please get in touch if you need help.    Look for the green chat button on the bottom right of your computer or phone.

Over 32 Years of trading started way back in 1986 producing music for theme parks in the USA, and using our experience produced custom made music backing tracks for singers in the UK.  We opened our first store in 1990  supplying musical instruments and gear for Karaoke.  In 2003 we moved from the high street onto the Glades.   Our recent move (October 2017) gave us improved visitor facilities and improved showroom area.       



         What our customers think  


 “OMG this is amazing what a fantastic buy

The goods in question were received on Saturday and I am delighted. Thank you for your help and support in this matter, and I look forward  to doing business with you again in the near future.

-Kelly, Atherton, Manchester


“You are still the best place to go to for all things karaoke! Thanks again

-M Evison, Spalding


“Excellent plays everything - great system - thanks - Steve
Nice piece of kit.might buy another one .top seller.10/10

-John  Phillips, Ormskirk

“Excellent item, service and delivery, bargain of the year, placed my order over the telephone at 2:15PM the previous day! Under 24 hours!!!


-J Roy, Bournemouth

“Excellent plays everything - great system - thanks -

-SPH, Leicester

“great item super fast delivery

-J Dee, Lincoln


“Hiya Gill, Thank you! BRILL site by the way!   Emkaraoke are the only karaoke store I ever use

-Julie, Cambridge


The only on-line store I would use. I would definately recommend them to anyone. Fantastic website.  having purchased from Emkaraoke about 7 times and each time the service has been excellent, with goods arriving the next working day.

Plus haven't come across anyone yet who will beat their prices.

-Derek Barratt,


 Just to say my husbands  65th Birthday Party was a great success....Due to the purchase of the Starsinger