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A powerful alternative to traditional bluetooth speaker speakers. Full mixing ability together with separation of speakers by 2 x 6 metre cables enabling you to easily create a professional sound. 2 microphones and all cables are included

Choose this system if you want to spread the sound around in the room, dedicated mixer controls music and singers

Karaoke Player Supplied with 600 Songs

Compatible with all industry standard karaoke formats such as CD+G, DVD along with easy playback of digital files such as MP3+G & MP4.   If you are looking for a great feature packed karaoke player with all the features you need

  • Dimensions  Height 38.5mm x Width 270.00mm x Depth 207.00mm
  • Formats playable CD/ CD+G/ VCD/ DVD/ JPEG/ MPEG/ MPEG2/ MP3+G/ WMA/ MP3/ MPEG4/ DivX5/ XviD
    Ports HDMI, AV, USB, SD, CD/DVD Drive
  • Records your singing from CD's USB and SD Cards.   Recordings are stored on a separate folder on the device for easy selection and playback. (easily record your performances to SD card/USB stick to play back or share with your friends),
  • Highest Speed CD+G Ripping allows you to archive your CD's and playback instantly on SD Card or USB devices. 
  • High Definition HDMI Output upscales and improves regular karaoke discs
  • Built in Equaliser for enhancing bass and treble
  • Multiplex function removes vocals from discs recorded with guide vocals
  • Digital Vocal Effects give an ambient sound effect to your voice just like a recording studio
  • Digital Keychange changes the pitch of the music to make difficult songs easier to sing in your key

Due to popular demand for a karaoke system you can use with your tablets and phones we introduce this amazing new high quality package

The complete karaoke machine package provides professional power for large parties or pubs and clubs The mixer has built invocal effects that put the singer in the centre of the stereo field.    This Package comes complete ready to use with all accessories, stands microphones and connecting cables 

Premium Quality Sound

Clear and accurate. The Entertainers system features two two-way 15 inch speakers to give a high quality sound. The output sound can be tweaked with the inbuilt  eq on the 6 channel mixer  and polished with an adjustable Vocal Effect. The end result is a diverse PA system that can capture the intricacies of vocals and spoken word while also providing punchy and bassy music for all kinds of genres.

Convenient and Lightweight Design

This PA system is extremely lightweight for a system that offers 800 watt of output. The entire system only weighs 22 kg

Setting up the PA system is easy to do and includes the two speaker cables with the package. The PA system is easy to transport too. 

800W System 

This System features a easy to use mixer . This 6-channel mixer can produce excellent vocal response to control the two active speakers included .

The mixer features a host of combo, XLR, jack and RCA inputs for all kinds of audio devices, microphones and instruments. If you need to add more speakers to the system or if you want to record from the mixer, a line level subwoofer output and stereo monitor output is also included.


  •  Channels: 6 x 4 microphone inputs + stereo line input for wired devices eg Karaoke/CD Players  
  •  Outputs: Speakers  Out, Headphone Socket        
  •  Effects: Full Stereo Vocal Effects


  •  Power Output: 2 x 400W     
  •  Frequency Response: 50-20KHz  
  •  Max SPL: 129dB  
  •  Speaker Size: 10" Driver  500 x 310 x 260mm
  •  Cabinet Material: PP  Plastic  
  •  Grille Material: 1.2mm  Steel  
  •  Input: 1/4"  Jack/XLR/Phono 
  •  Weight 10.27 Kg 
  •  Mounting: For  35mm Pole


Show lyrics on a Smart TV is easy  

Connect the headphone or AUX output on TV  to audio input of the speaker & enjoy a full screen karaoke experience with your family


Citronic are a UK based brand, who have worked with for over 20 years. 

Ideal for the home, clubs, bars, schools and theatres, its comprehensive product portfolio covers everything the market demands - from domestic party bluetooth speakers to cutting

All UK Branded Citronic  products comply to all safety regulations purchase by Rebecca Harvey

Purchased this system for my songs 21st birthday party as the DJ had let us down. We've always used Youtube in the past but needed something powerful enough for the marquee in the garden. Party was an absolute success thanks to the advice I didn't have a clue well done you

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