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Our job is an enjoyable one and aim to keep you happy on a one to one basis.  Over the years we've made a lot of friends with our customers and what's great is we are now seeing the grand children of our original customers buying from us.   Thank you all for your continued support   


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Over 33 Years of Music

We started way back in 1986 producing music for theme parks in the USA, and using our experience produced custom made music backing tracks for singers in the UK.  We opened our first store in 1990  supplying musical instruments and gear for Karaoke.  In 2003 we moved from the high street onto the Glades.   Our recent move (October 2017) gave us improved visitor facilities and improved showroom area.       



Our History

Starsinger/Emkaraoke was established back in 1986 founded by Gill  former Professional Session Musician.  (piano & Saxophone)  Later developing M.I.D.I. engraved music  for theatre, concerts in the U.S.A. and Sound Stage Studios for Walt Disney Productions in Orlando Florida USA.

What we love most is to hear from you about your parties or family gatherings.

Especially if we've spoken to you and advised or recommended a product from the outset.

If you need help don't struggle get in contact you're very welcome 



Gill this year discovered she  is on the Autistic spectrum,  (Sept 2019)  think  Bill Gates – Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation, Chris Packham TV Presenter, Andy Warhol – Artist Sir Isaac Newton – Mathematician, Astronomer, & Physicist, Nikola Tesla – Inventor  Many  people on spectrum lead successful lives championing the cause and improving lives for Autistic people and giving inspiration to everyone they meet.    Their knowledge and enthusiasm towards their known subjects is legendary.  This means they're not money or possession driven,  obtaining  and sharing huge amounts of  information is  Passion is what drives them.   Fortunately Music is Gills special interest.  So its a win win for her and her customers      If you've had dealings with Gill then she most definitely would have made a positive impact on your purchase.   Emkaraoke is Pro Autism which means if you or any member of your family are effected feel free to make yourselves known to us you're very welcome.

Gill has Worked alongside many celebrity composers, one, best known by many,  Ed Welch (Composer one Foot in the Grave TV Series & Quiz Show "Blockbusters" "Thomas the Tank Engine" with the Associated Midi Programmers Guild)   Gill is well known for arrangement's and publishing of the complete works from The Count Basie Orchestra distributed by the Music Exchange in Manchester, as well as live Performances alongside the Worlds Greatest Big band "The Joe Loss Orchestra"

Gill also a  former senior mentor for business startups for the Princes Trust Foundation, and during her time has managed to  develop and actively encourage many young people to launch their own music related product ideas into successful businesses.


(1987)  We started to produce music backings & Orchestrations in the UK for entertainers & Karaoke. Working alongside Chris Bucknall (Climax Blues Band, The Temptations”, Dionne Warwick & Take That) together with a hand chosen professional team of MIDI engravers, our music library was considered to be setting the industry standard.   Also working alongside Dave Smith (Roland Japan) we also helped to popularise & develop the General Standard & General Midi format (GS/GM) that is now commonplace within all modern keyboards and synthesisers today. 

1989-2007)  Back from USA Gill ran a very successful music store in Sherwood Nottingham,  selling vintage  synthesisers and other specialist music products.   One day a sales rep from BMB came in  holding a karaoke machine under his arm.  Almost within 2 weeks later Profile Music became Emkaraoke, having sold almost double the amount of karaoke systems than music related products, we were hooked on karaoke.  It was so much fun!   

2008 India Knight wrote about us in her book the Shops,  since then we haven't looked back, our phone lines are jammed with enquiries,  we have with honour and pride  supplied karaoke equipment to members of the Royal Family.   Owners of some extremely well known Newspapers, We have supplied for installation Karaoke Systems for some of the worlds largest super yacht's, also EasyJet, as well as an extremly famous Brummy  family  in L.A.

2009 Saw major changes to the company with the New expansion & venture into Italian inspired music.   Our New venture into manufacturing took place in Korea
2010 A huge growth within our group sees the merger of not one,  but three of the worlds largest Karaoke industry related companies. 

October 2010 our venture with our own manufacturing factory in Asia -  Starsinger  launched with their  own karaoke products, with the worlds first MP3+G recording Microphone. 

November 2010 A purchase order with our factory took place 24 October for 5000 karaoke Players for delivery 1st Week in December, and around 10,000 karaoke players & related products  for January 2011.  

April 2011 Working alongside Zoom Entertainments the UK's best karaoke music provider we expand our range of both Karaoke Disc's and Our Starsinger products.  Designs and plans are underway for the Starsinger 6000 project. 

June 2011 Chris Bucknall is now also a producer of Miss600, receiving rave reviews on BBC radio stations having just completed a tour with James Morrisson 

July 2011   Our own product ranges are expanding. We developing new products to gear up for the busiest year ever, lots of new and exciting products for the fourth quarter season

2012 Trade Mark for Starsinger Brand & design has been approved including Starsinger, Connect Select Sing Record
Present Day    Our new affiliation with Session Music and Selectatrack means we have many new products being launched.  

September 2017  New computerised warehouse with stock feeds from our warehouse in Asia, reducing our carbon footprint and overhead costs by almost 76%.       

January 2018  Settled in to our new premises after a major move in October.  The new place is exactly what we wanted, its all on one level  and everything is laid out for you to see all our stuff without climbing over boxes like our old warehouse.
We aim to deliver expertise in our field with everything for the singer. For over 31 years we've been involved with music production, supplying equipment for entertainers, home and commercial set-ups.  We're ideally located in the centre of the country in Nottingham with easy access from the M1.  

Need advice?  no problem ask for Gill 0115 9753000
Buying Power & Amazing Prices.  If you want to sing and have fun at home, or anywhere come to that!  Star-Singer has the experience. the stock, and the resources.  We hope enjoy your visit to our website.  


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